Why Vote Early?

Voting early is more important than ever in this year’s election. Needless to say, 2020 has been a helluva year and not in the good way. Interest in the democratic process is at an all-time-high. There could be record turnout as a result. Let’s do our local election offices a favor: let’s not force them to count every ballot on the same day, OK?

Second, voting early gives you time to track your ballot, check if it has been counted and address any disputes.

In other news: NASA predicts a small asteroid on a close trajectory to the planet one day before the election….. One more reason to vote early!

Why Vote In-Person?

First, it should be stated, if you cannot physically vote in-person and there is no trustworthy person to drop your ballot off for you, then you should VOTE BY MAIL.

However, if you are an able-bodied and healthy voter, it is better to vote in-person to prevent unnecessary backlog at the USPS. The federal post office was already overloaded by changes due to Covid-19. On top of that, federal cutbacks in funding are looming. IF you do not want your ballot sitting in a sad, little corner of the postal room on election day, take your lunch break and drop it off in person. Make sure that it is postmarked. It is the proof you need that it was sent before the cutoff date.

Can I Vote Safely?

Doesn’t matter if you’re 18 or 88, you can vote safely during the ‘Corona Crisis’ (maybe too dramatic?). Wearing a mask to vote is a non-negotiable. So is hand-sanitizer. If you’re really worried bring a set of gloves. But this is not Ebola, you can safely vote in the same way that you can safely shop for groceries.

Now is the time to call your local election office to determine if they have drop-off services. This will allow you to fulfill your patriotic duty while virtually eliminating any exposure to the virus.

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