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Vote early. Vote safely.


Some things are just too important to leave up to the mail. With federal cutbacks looming over the 2020 election, trust and believe, you can still vote safely, early, and in-person.

Just out of curiosity, would you MAIL a million-dollar-winning ticket to the lottery office…or would you WALK it in?

Yeah. That’s what I thought.

If you really want your voice to be heard in this next election:

  • Check your Registration: like—-right now:
  • Request an Absentee Ballot ASAP: Call your local election office or go to
  • While you’re waiting: learn the voting rules in your state and understand your rights. See the links on this site.
  • Read the ballot instructions, and SIGN IT!
  • WALK your ballot in-person to your election office.
  • IF you must use the post office, HAND your ballot to the clerk and make sure it gets POSTMARKED.
  • Finally. Encourage family and friends to vote as EARLY as possible.


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The 2020 Election